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Yorkville - LS3100P powered 21” subwoofer with 2400W.

Gemini - WRX-843 affordable column array PA speaker system.

TASCAM - CD-400U multiple media player with recording features.

Magix - Music Maker software in free, plus & premium versions.

Taurus Amplification - Stomp-Head 3.CL pedalboard 60W guitar amp.

Walrus Audio - ARP-87 multi-function delay with four main algorithms.

Behringer - Model D eurorack format legendary analog synthesizer.

Pearl - ePro Live electronic drums built with real drum shells.


QSC - KS212C portable powered 3600W cardioid subwoofer.

JBL - EON ONE compact line array system with extra wide coverage.

Waves - Torque drum tone shifter plugin to enhance recorded drums.

Tech 21 - Cali Fly Rig 5 compact pedal with Sans Amp & effects.

Strymon - Sunset dual overdrive pedal with 6 popular circuit types.

Xvive - U2 compact, simple & reliable digital guitar wireless system.

Yamaha - PSR-EW400 perormance keyboard with easy to use features.

Simmons - SD350 affordable 5 piece electronic drums with mesh heads.


Electrovoice - ELX200 Series loudspeakers do more & weigh less.

Behringer - X AIR XR12 digital mixer with Wifi tablet control.

Mackie - MR Series studio monitors offer affordable mix translation.

RCF - EVOX 12 compact line array offers most power in its class.

Digitech - Trio Plus band creator allows loop production for full songs.

Strymon - Riverside multistage distortion pedal with infinite sweetspot.

Apogee - Jam 96k guitar interface for iPhone, iPad, Mac & Windows.

Korg - Minilogue is a next-generation polyphonic analog synthesizer.


Behringer - Eurolive B15X powered 1000W loudspeaker with streaming.

RCF - Evox 12 active two-way line array with 1400W & 15” subwoofer.

Peavey - Invective .120 guitar amp head & 2 - 12” special design cabinet.

DV Mark - DV Micro 50 ultra-small 50W guitar amp head & classic sound.

Walrus Audio - ARP-87 Multi-function delay pedal with runaway control.

Fusion Musictech - Fusion Guitar with integrated amp & iPhone dock.

Casio - XW-G1 groove synthesizer with sequencer & sample looper.

Roland - TD-1KPX2 V Drums with a folding design for portability.


Mackie - Thump Series loudspeakers redesigned with 1300W of power.

Electro-Voice - Evolve 50 lightweight 1000W column speaker array.

Apogee - Symphony I/O MKII interface with new AD/DA conversion.

SoloDallas - Storm stomp box pedal for extra harmonic richness.

Full Tone - OCD V2 revised overdrive pedal with new features.

Peavey - HP 2 Guitar is made in the USA with cutting-edge technologies.

Casio - GGP700 compact grand piano with authentic sound & feel.

Alesis - Strike Kit professional electronic drums with mesh heads.


Turbosound - TLX84 dual 2 way 8” line array element.

Behringer - PMP2000D powered stereo 14ch., 2000W mixer.

Blue - Encore 100 studio grade dynamic mic with true-to-life sound.

Waves - CLA MixDown buss plugin to finalize and enrich mixes.

Line 6 - Spider V Series modeling amps with built in wireless.

Quilter Labs - Micro Block pedal sized 45W guitar power amp.

Hartke - HD500 Bass Combo with 2-10’s, 500W & only 35lbs.

Roli - Seaboard Block compact super powered keyboard.


Turbosound - TLX215L compact dual 15” subwoofer.

Behringer - PMP500MP3 ultra-compact 500W powered mixer.

Mackie - MR Series studio monitors with incredible accuracy.

Peavey - VYPYR Pro 100 advanced modeling guitar amplifier.

Quilter Labs - Overdrive 200 is a highly compact 200W guitar amp.

Korg - Nutube is a new vacuum tube using flouescent display technology.

Grover - Locking Rotomatics Series of newest locking machine heads.

Roland – SE-02 compact analog synthesizer with vintage sound.


Alto Professional - TS218S powered 1250W 18” subwoofer.

Fishman - SA330x line array perfomance audio system.

Yamaha - EMX 7 powered 1420W mixer with class-D amps.

Behringer - MIC500USB tube preamp with modeling technology.

Focusrite - iTrack One Pre interface for iPhone or iPad.

Fender - Mustang GT100 digital WIFI equipped guitar amp.

Radial Engineering - Tonebone Hot British tube distortion pedal.

Peavey - MAX 115 compact 300W bass combo with enhancement.


Harbinger – Vari Series powered multipurose loudspeakers.

Behringer - Eurolive B1800XP powered 300W subwoofer.

TASCAM - Track Factory complete PC recording system.

Positive Grid - BIAS Head guitar amp captures any amp tone.

Seymour Duncan - Powerstage 170 pedal board power amp.

DigiTech - CabDryVR cabinet simulator for guitar and bass.

Casio - CTK-6250 keyboard with piano-style touch response.

Alesis - Strike Pro electronic drum kit with real drum feel.


Siesmic Audio – SA-15T affordable 15” pro PA loudspeaker.

L.R.Braggs – Synapse wide dispersion 500W personal PA system.

Behringer – iNuke NU6000 ultra-lightweight 6000W Power amplifier.

Roland – Go:Mixer records high quality audio for smart phone videos.

Tech 21 – Q/Strip vintage console EQ & preamp stomp box for instruments.

PRS – Sonzera 20 low-wattage combo amp designed for clarity & definition.

Seymour Duncan – Powerstage 170 pedal-board power amp for gutiarists.

inMusic Brands – Headrush floorboard guitar processor with realistic models.


Turbosound – iQ15 powered loudspeaker with 2500W.

Yamaha - TF Rack is a compact rack-mount digital mixers.

TC Helicaon – Harmony Singer 2 stompbox vocal processor.

Electro Harmonix – Synth9 turns guitar into a vintage synthesizer.

Radial Engineering – JDX Direct Drive amp simulator pedalboards.

Ibanez – Prestige S Series guitars are lightweight but more responsive.

Dr. Z – Cure is a hand-built 15W tube amp with an affordable price.

Mission Engineering – Gemini 2 amplified speaker cabinet for modelers.


Yorkville - Elite Series compact 15” powered subwoofer.

Behringer - PMP1680S 10 Channel 1600W powered mixer.

JBL - 7 Series studio monitors with Image Control Waveguide.

MOTU - 624 high-performance compact Thunderbolt interface.

Cakewalk - Sonar Home Studio affordable entry –level DAW.

Yamaha – THR100H Dual guitar modeling head with 2 amps.

Rocktron - Mainline rack power amp for guitar with tube feel.

Roland - TB-03 Bass Line Synthesizer recreation of TB-303.


Yamaha – DBR Series powered 1000W loudpeakers with DSP processing.

Mesa Engineering – Triple Crown TC-50 Series new 3 ch. 50W guitar amp.

Marshall – Code Series modeling guitar amps of authentic Marshall tone.

Aclam Guitaes – Smart Track pedalboard with new easy fastening system.

Electro-Harmonix – Mel 9 recreates vintage tape based keys on the guitar.

Keith McMillen Instruments – SoftStep unbreakable footswitch controller.

Universal Audio – Apollo Twin desktop interface with classic analog sound.

Behringer – Deep Mind 12 is a true analog 12 voice polyphonic synthesizer.


K-Array – KRX402 powered PA system with 12”coaxial & 21” subs.

Zoom – Q2N handy video recorder with HD video & high-impact audio.

Magnatone – Master Collection Series with British type tube circuitry.

Tech 21 – Fly Rig Series has Brit & Cali models with classic distortion.

Nady – MGT-16 stomp box wireless with plug-in micro transmitter.

Jackson – JS Series Warrior JS32 affordable guitar & upgraded features.

Casio – MZ-X500 keyboard with tonewheel organ & analog bass sounds.

Roland – KD-50KV top end V-Drums for pro performance & studio.


Behringer – X AIR XR16 mixer controlled by tablet Wi-Fi.

Peavey – XR-AT powered 1000W mixer with Antares auto tune.

dbx – goRack is an affordable processor to optimize a PA system.

Rolls Corporation – SX21 small inexpensive electronic crossover.

Reeves Amplification – Custom 50 PS tube amp with power scaling.

Fractal Audio – AX8 amp modeler with pro simulations & effects.

Boss – GT-1 compact guitar effects processor with pro sounds.

Strymon – Ojai high output pedal power unit in a small size.


JBL - PRX800 Series speakers with WI-FI, DSP & 1,500W.

Alclair - Tour triple driver custom in-ear monitors for stage.

iCON - Qcon Pro X control surface for any DAW software.

TASCAM - US-42 Creator production & broadcast mini studio.

Boss - Katana next generation rock amps with Boss effects.

Atomic Amps - Amplifire amp modeling & multi-effects pedal.

Ernie Ball - Expression Series overdrive & ambient delay pedals.

Graph Tech - Ratio machine heads with gear tuning technology.


Audient - ID4 interface with large format console sound in small size.

Fender - Pro In-Ear Monitor Series with hybrid driver systems.

Shure - MV88 digital stereo condenser mic for iPhone, iPod & iPhone.

Rivera- Silent Sister pressure relieved iso cabinet for stage or recording.

Soundtoys - Echo Boy features decades of echo devices in a single plugin.

Line 6 - Firehawk 1500 guitar modeling amp with 6 speaker system.

Critter and Guitari - Terz portable loud amp that uses 4 AA batteries.

Frayette - Power Station attenuator and tube power amp for little amps.


Alto Professional – TS215 bi-amp 1100W 15” powered loudspeaker.

Seismic Audio - Tremor 18 is a 500W subwoofer with 2-150W satellite amps.

Focusrite - Clarett 2Pre thunderbolt interface with unique analog air effect.

PRA Audio Systems - WiC wireless with simplicity, great sound and range.

Blackstar Amplification - Artist 30 amp 6L6 design with British Class A sound.

Mojo Tone - British 45W Head Amplifier Kit similar to Marshall JTM45.

Ibanez - MINI Series pedals with super metal, analog delay & chorus.

Aalberg Audio - Aero Wireless Controller for their effects pedal series.


JBL – EON ONE compact all-in-one line array system.

Soundcraft – Ui12 remote controlled digital mixer with effects.

Ibanez – Iron Label Series guitars designed for metal players.

Gizmotron – Gizmotron 2.0 mechanical bowing device for guitars.

Amptweaker – Tight Metal Pro distortion pedal with 2 boosts.

Dave Smith Instruments – Prophet 6 analog synthesizer in 2 formats.

Alesis – Nitro affordable electronic drums with pro features.

Roland – Hybrid electronics turns acoustic drums to electronic.


LD Systems – Maui Series compact all in one array PA systems.

Alto Professional - TSL115 portable loudspeaker with circular LED lights.

Behringer – PMP1680S compact 1600W 10 channel powered mixer.

Waves – Abbey Road Reverb Plates plugin features 4 legendary plate reverbs.

Quilter Labs – ToneBlock 201 ultra-compact light-weight 200W guitar head.

DOD – Looking Glass Overdrive with hybrid class-A discrete FET design.

Akai Professional – Timber Wolf compact polyphonic 4 voice analog synthesizer.

Yamaha – DTX720K electronice drums with DTX-PADs & real hi hat controller.


Yorkville – LS2100P Elite Series 21” 2400W subwoofer.

Harbinger – HA300 portable column PA with subwoofer.

Supro – 1624 Dual-Tone vintage style combo guitar amp.

Source Audio – Nemisis delay with multiple effect engines.

Singular Sound - Beat Buddy drum machine in a pedal.

Option Knob – Oknob effects pedal foot controller knob.

Aquarian Drumheads – inHead triggered acoustic heads.

Smartrigger – Smartrigger electronic metal cymbals.


Peavey - RBN112 powered loudspeaker with a ribbon driver.

Seismic Audio - The Quad-18 subwoofer with 4-18’ drivers.

Soundcraft - Si Impact digital mixer easy as analog to use.

Crown - I-Tech 12000HD with 2 channels at 4500W power amp.

TASCAM - US-20x20 interface with 20 channels in one rack space.

Vox - AV Series guitar amps with tube preamps & analog modeling.

Jackson - X Series Soloist SL3X with neck-through-body design.

KHDK - No. 1 Overdrive pedal features warm, tube-like sound.


Yorkville - E1152 passive 2,000 Watt 15” loudspeaker.

Turbosound - B-18 band pass subwoofer with 18” speaker.

Mesa Engineering - JP-2C amp head with 3 channels & 60/100 Watts.

Ibanez - Mini Series pedals with overdrive, chorus & analog delay.

Eventide - H9 MAX is a dream pedal board that fits in your glove box.

T. Rex - Replicator analog tape echo pedal that uses a real tape cartridge.

Peavey - MiniMEGA compact 9 lbs. bass amp head with 1,000 Watts.

Pearl - Tru Trac drum heads convert an acoustic set to electronic.


Electro-Voice - EKX Series powered & passive light weight loudspeakers.

Crown - XLS DriveCore 2 Series power amps with class D operation & DSP.

Universal Audio - Apollo Twin desktop interface with classic analog sound.

Peavey - 6505 Piranha Micro Head with high-gain tones and 20W of power.

Boss - SY-300 Guitar Synthesizer for any guitar, no special pickup required.

Paul Vo - Vo Wand handheld exciter, sustainer & controller effect for guitars.

Yamaha - RefaceMini Keyboard Series based on classic Yamaha keyboards.

Roland - TD-1K V-Drums feature high quality in a compact entry level kit.


Seismic Audio - SA-CPPA1 powered compact PA system.

MOTU - Stage-B16 stage box, mixer & interface all in one.

Maag Audio - EQ4M dual Channel mastering EQ with Air Band.

Blackstar - Artist Series amps combine 6L6 & Class A sounds.

Fractal Audio Systems - AX8 modeler & effects pedal board.

MXR - EVH 5150 Overdrive pedal with multi-stage MOSFETs.

Roland - JD-Xi interactive analog/digital crossover synthesizer.

Alesis - DM8 Pro Kit with RealHead technology drum pads.


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